From Inspiration to Installation


Initial Consultation.

This is where we get to see the space for either our Residential or Commercial clients. On this appointment you get to know us and we get to know you and your project. We address what the needs for this space are, how do you want it to function, how do you want to feel in the room, do you have children or pets (this will help determine design elements), what colors do you love, style, budget, product and service cost, time frames, deadlines, etc. In the same note that you are “interviewing” us, we are doing the same with you to see if you will be a good fit as a potential client.


Time to Design.

Once you have made it past the Initial Consultation where budget is approved and retainer is paid then the fun part begins! We take all the things that we discussed and we start pulling the project together. Our design studio is filled with all the resources that we need to complete your job. We have fabric samples, furniture finishes, hardware samples, wallpaper samples, rug samples, and more. If necessary we do a floor plan with furniture layout to ensure proper spacing for the furniture selected. We create a color scheme based on our initial consultation and then we bring it all together with a complete design plan!



Now the fun part begins for you. On selection day we show you our design proposal we will have at least two color palettes for you to choose from. As designers, we believe that you should be apart of the design process so one option will never be the case. We will present a couple options that we have narrowed down for you. From there you can decide on your favorites and we will be there to guide you towards the choices that compliment each other the best! Once the selections are made and the deposit is paid. You can kick your feet up knowing that we are taking care of the rest.


Ordering and Inspection.

As you get back to your day-to-day we are working behind the scenes making sure that everything is taken care of. First thing up is ordering, we write up the purchase orders and put each order through. We then track deliveries and have our receiving team inspect and assemble every piece of furniture and accessory to make sure that it’s good to go. Once everything is in we schedule your BIG REVEAL DAY!!!



Ever watch HGTV? Well, you are about to experience the Big Reveal. We ask that you are either not home or in another room so that we can wave our magic wand to bring it all together. On install day our team will bring all the items that were ordered and set up the room or rooms with all the bells and whistles. Once we are done we call you down and WOW! From inspiration to installation your room is now complete! Your life is just a little more at ease knowing that it’s done and that you and your family can enjoy this beautiful space that is not only luxurious but also livable.


Review and Refer.

We love our clients to share their experience working with us. Of course, how awesome we are and how awesome your experience was!! Secondly we appreciate referrals. Do you know a family member, co-worker, or friend looking for a designer? Bless them with the best, by sharing our contact or business card with them. Now I know some feel like wait but if I share your contact then we will have the same thing, not to worry!! We have thousands of selections yes 1000’s so it’s very rare that we will ever be showing them the same thing.