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Kitchen & Bath

Kitchen & Bath Renovations

Kitchen and Bath Renos are becoming more common. Some want to renovate to add value while others are just in need of an update. In any case, we got you covered. Like many, you may see a photo that you want to achieve but you just have no clue how to achieve it. Common problems that occur when a homeowner tries to tackle these projects on their own with the contractor is: purchasing incorrect tile scale (tile size), incorrect tile finish to achieve a certain look, inconsistent color scheme, vanity and mirror size being way too large or too small, lacks sophistication, looks very builder grade, layout was not maximized, kitchen island too small or too large. As you can see there are lots of things that can go wrong and when investing that amount of money into your home you really want to ensure that it is done right and that you are completely satisfied at the end. As we work alongside you and the contractor we will guide you all the way through to achieving your desired look.

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